"A boy walks by the city. Suddenly, he feels the presence of a dark character who begins to pursue him.While he escapes, his perception of the context distorts and the thin line between reality and fantasy begins to become blurred..."

Written, Produced, Animated and Directed by Agustin Graham.
Born of Japanese descent in Rio Negro, Argentina. Studied Animation Directing and Manga at Sapporo Designer Gakuin College, in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Working since 2001 as a free-lance Illustrator, Animator and Director.

Running Time: 12:30 min.

Country: Argentina-Japan

Release Date: 2008

Visual FX: Leandro Pugliese

Voice actors: Celina Saito, Agustin Graham

Post-production: WANKA Cine & Animación

With the collaboration of Sapporo Designer Gakuin College